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The Freedom Hauler, previously Idaho Tote is a proven reliable product since 2007. Let me give you a little background into the creation of our product and how we arrived at our location today!

The original concept was brought to life by Greg Broemeling and his partner Vern Adams. Greg, after a camping trip, was reflected on his efforts from the weekends trip. Wanting to have the four-wheeler along for the ride, he towed two vehicles pulling the 5th wheel with one and the quad with the other. Why not put a tote to carry the four-wheeler on the back of the 5th wheel? Then only one vehicle is needed. With a background in steel fabrication and his best friend Vern a trailer builder, the Idaho Tote was born. After manufacturing and selling the Idaho Tote for 11 years out of Lewiston Idaho, Greg and Vern decided to retire to the great outdoors, now that they have the perfect traveling companion.

In June of 2018, Tru North Industries purchased the small business and moved it south to Marsing Idaho. With big dreams and new business, they began formulating a plan to take this product into the 21st century. After setting up shop, they had orders to fill and a steep learning curve to get things done right. Once the season changed things slowed down and gave the Tru North staff time to brainstorm. It was decided that Freedom Hauler would be the name to begin this new adventure.


15% Discount on all accessories.

Mounting kit 700$ value (free during fall promo).

We offer a 4% military discount to active-duty members and veterans.

Our Product

The Freedom Hauler is equipped with a Pressure Sensing Steering Axle (PSSA). When pressure is applied from turning, the wheels will automatically steer! The Freedom Hauler has an on-board compressed air system which is used to change the position of the axle when traveling forward and rearward. Affixed to the axle system are 2 Firestone airbags. One is inflated when traveling down the highway. The other will be inflated when you shift into reverse.

Our Product
In Depth

Take a look at our engineering schematic, to see what really makes Freedom Hauler.

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Got tons of looks down the road with this hauler, it's a great product. I continuously use it and love it!

People are always impressed wherever we bring the hauler, and they ask about it whenever they see the hauler. We love the hauler and give rave reviews everywhere we go!

Freedom Hauler always takes good care of us and is an excellent product, always getting the job done and allowing me to take my toys anywhere! I'd even consider be a dealer one day.

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