What Does Our Product Do?

Steering System

Freedom Hauler has a patented self-steering Pressure Sensing Steering Axle (PSSA) that automatically steers itself going forward and in reverse. This unique system does not put additional weight or stress on your RV frame or suspension and it can hold up to 2600 lbs. of payload depending on how it’s outfitted.

Mounting Kit

Customizable to any 5th Wheel, Motor Home, or Camp Trailer. Our mounting kit is a universal bolt-on system that fits most frames. 2 bolts make it simple to detach the Hauler at your convenience.

Freedom Hauler fifth wheel extension schematic

Design and Construction

An all-steel flatbed carrier, the Freedom Hauler bolts to a special mounting bracket that is installed on your RV’s frame. Its 2-point connection makes it an extension of your vehicle that does not count as pulling doubles, A slide-out tongue makes your Freedom Hauler a hybrid UTV trailer.

Trailer Conversion Kit

With our hybrid system, there is no need for you to buy a utility trailer. The Freedom Hauler allows you to convert to a standard utility trailer, simply and efficiently, within seconds, when you arrive at your desired destination, you can convert to trailer mode to use another tow vehicle if needed. Any vehicle or toy that has a two-inch ball can utilize the Freedom Hauler as a utility trailer.


Freedom Hauler price list

Price List

Our price list containg the latest pricing on all attachments and models of the totes in our exclusive sizes. We also have preowned and specials availble on varying models and attachments.


View all of our lower priced options and upcoming specials on totes and accessories

Our Product
In Depth

Take a look at our engineering schematic, to see what really makes Freedom Hauler.

Resources To Help

Resources and products we recommend pairing with our tote to help get your toys ready to go and your tote out on the open road.

Hensley Arrow Hitch

The Hensley Arrow Hitch is one of the most andvanced anti-sway trailer hitch, guarenteed to eliminate trailer sway. We reccomend pairing the arrow hitch with our tote, you can find out more about the Hensley Arrow Hitch by clicking this info box.

Rampage Power Lift Ramp

The Rampage Power Lift Ramp, helps you easily lift any toy or motorcycle on to your tote. The powered ramp paired with our tote is a great option for lifting and loading your toys easily. To learn more click this info box.

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