Top 5 Best Places to go Off Roading

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Top 5 Best Places to Go off Roading


When it comes to off roading there are so many places to see and experience. You have so many different types of terrain to experience out there. Ranging from the Rocky Mountains to the desert sand dunes. Some of the top ten places to take your rig include these different terrains. This can be a fun summer road trip adventure or just a quick weekend trip to a place near you.
Here are some of the must-see places in the United States for you off roaders. But before you take this trip you need to bring all the necessities. One of those being the Freedom Hauler which is previously known as the Idaho Tote. With this product you can attach and transport your off-roading vehicle with ease.

#1 Moab, Utah

This is a destination that is full of color and has incredible rock formations. Utah is famous for their notorious red rocks. Moab is the home of two of the five famous national parks in Utah, Arches National Park and CanyonLands National Park. Being one of the largest tourist attractions in not only the state of Utah but across the United States as well, this place is always busy.
With that being said, the best time to visit the parks is early spring or late fall. The peak seasons are between the months of March to May and September to October. Summers in Moab have temperatures up to about 105 degrees so the summers are not as busy for good reason.

#2 Sawtooth National Forest, Idaho

The Sawtooth mountain range is filled with untouched mountain lakes, vibrant wildflowers, and incredible terrain. This mountain range is appealing to all different levels of off roaders, they have trails ranging from easy to extremely difficult. These mountains are full of beautiful rockery and tons of animal life. You will definitely get the wildlife experience when it comes to this destination.
The Sawtooth mountain range is also filled with small ghost towns and mountain lakes with some of the clearest water you have ever seen. One of these breathtaking places is known as Redfish lake which is a gateway to the sawtooths. It has accommodations ranging from stand alone cabins to a campground. The best time to take this adventure would be in the late spring through October due to better weather because these mountains are cold.

#3 Black Hills National Forest, South Dakota

The Black Hills are an unknown dream for off roaders. This place is filled with beautiful meadows and challenging rock climbing trails. One of the famous attractions is the rock sculpture known as Mount Rushmore. Not only is off roading one of the activities you can do but this place is known to be great for hiking, fishing, and swimming in the summer season. These mountains are also home to some incredible wildlife such as American Bison and Bighorn Sheep. This is a smaller mountain range which makes it easier to see everything in a shorter amount of time.

#4 Grand Canyon Arizona

The Grand Canyon is one of the wonders of the world. Filled with incredible red rock formations and copper colored rivers. This place will take your breath away. Miles and miles of rocks that are layered in history is what makes the Grand Canyon one of the largest tourist attractions in the world.
This place is known for having ATV trails that all hold new adventures for off roaders. These trails allow you to see the Grand Canyon in a whole new light. The best time to see this wonder is between September and November because the summer is overcrowded with people and these months are cooler than the summer months.

#5 Oceano Dunes, California

Formally known as Pismo Beach, these dunes are a whole new level of off roading. The freedom is yours when it comes to off roading in these dunes. These are one of a kind because they are directly on the coast of California. You get both the desert and the coastline in one trip! These rides are great for large groups and camping lovers. Pick your spot and camp out for the night and ride during the day. The best time to visit this destination is in the spring or fall due to crowds and heat.

Don’t Forget

With all of that being said, each destination requires certain passes and has different regulations so when visiting these wonders remember to do your research on what you need to be legal. The best place to find that information is on national parks websites under the off roading or ATV section. The Freedom Hauler makes traveling with your ATV simple, easy, and legal. With all these destinations comes different regulations including the rules of the road. Do your research before hitting the road and safe travels!

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